White Papers

Achieving peak performance in financial capital market risk analytics using the Levyx Risk Analytics Acceleration Framework with Intel® FPGAs and Intel® Optane™ SSDs
In this blog we introduce Xenon, describe our connector and showcase performance of connector on a commodity on-prem server with SSD ingesting 470GB data at 3.5 million messages per second on a 10GbE network.
Combining Intel® SSD Data Center Series with Levyx® Software Enables In-Memory Like Performance Using Flash
This report summarizes Levyx’s evaluation of running HeRocks and RocksDB with varying db_bench parameters, and comparing the performance difference for a subset of common Facebook workloads as described in the publicly released presentation “Workload Diversity with RocksDB” [1].
This white paper discusses Levyx’s integration of Xenon into Kubernetes bringing the benefits of persistent, shareable data frames within those environments.
Levyx software is run on enterprise SSDs incorporating Microsemi's Flashtec controllers to accelerate Big Data applications with impressive results
This white paper includes an overview of Levyx's core Helium™ data engine and the Xenon™ distributed data analytics processing engine
Solarflare's Flareon cards are paired with Levyx's software to achieve extraordinary performance in running Memcached workloads
Levyx makes applications IBM CAPI-aware. This joint presentation with IBM includes highlights of the early test results of this collaboration
Comparison data from financial backtesting solutions.
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