Quasardb is a high-performance, distributed, column-oriented database with native time series support.
Transfers, computations and aggregations are so fast that analysts can work interactively on their data, regardless of the amount stored.
The company is based in Paris, France with a presence in EU, US, India and SE Asia.

Partnership Summary

QuasarDB and Levyx are collaborating on solutions to solve problems in the financial services sector including making the backtesting of trading algorithms on historical time-series data (both alternative and traditional market data) much more efficient than current alternatives. Together the companies are ushering in a new era of inexpensive, high-performance, ultra-low latency performance-driven technologies to upend conventional methods used by large banks, hedge funds, trading exchanges, cybersecurity firms, and government agencies.

Partnership Highlights

“QuasarDB and Levyx make excellent partners because they share the vision of making data travel less and doing computation and analytics on it where it resides. This is a powerful concept that resonates with our customers in the financial services sector and beyond. The combination of our respective technologies is a real step forward in the advancements of "in-memory" alternative solutions.”

- Matt Meinel, VP of Business Development at Levyx