One of the largest storage system builders in the world with an $18 billion market cap
A leader in the All-Flash Array (AFA) market
One the pioneers of the multi-billion dollar NAS industry
Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA

Partnership Summary

The EF550 all-flash array continues NetApp’s long heritage of delivering powerful solutions to meet business needs. These AFA's are designed specifically for customers with high-speed transactional applications that demand high IOPS and low latency. Paired with Levyx's software products, these solutions become Bi-Data-enabled All Flash Arrays solutions that extend beyond storage and help the emerging mainstream large-scale data applications manage and share live data and working sets in enterprise grade systems.

Partnership Highlights

Helium performance is orders of magnitude (~5x) improved over RocksDB during ingestion. This can be attributed to the lockless architecture, which scales with the number of threads. Helium has better numbers for performance, run-time, latency, and host write-amplification when compared to RocksDB. [Also,] As verified in testing of other SSDs in denser systems, the performance difference between Helium and RocksDB grows as the number of SSDs is increased, meaning that better scaling occurs with additional devices.”

- Younes Ben Brahim, Product Manager at NetApp