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Partnership Summary

IBM and Levyx are collaborating to achieve ground-breaking performance on Power Systems in Big Data applications running large-scale workloads.

Event: Executives of IBM and Levyx jointly presented their extraordinary results at the IBM Edge 2016, one of the premier IT infrastructure conferences, on September 19-22 2016 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  The session was titled "Run Ultra-Low-Latency Levyx Data Store Technology on POWER With CAPI Flash for Max. Performance" and was featured on the Big Data and In-Memory Analytics track.

Please check out how Levyx, through the OpenPOWER initiative, is leveraging IBM's CAPI framework to bring processing even closer to the data and simplify the programming model for accelerating transactional velocities to real-time. 

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Partnership Highlights

The pairing of IBM's POWER8 and Levyx software delivers transformative price/performance advantages, making real-time processing of very large data sets more affordable and thus accessible to a much broader customer base.  Levyx’s software, specifically tuned for CAPI Flash, delivers 10s of millions of updates/second and indexes billions of objects on a single POWER8 system allowing IBM Power Systems customers make the most of their infrastructure investments. Applying Levyx’s technology on a broader scale, for example, by running LevyxSpark (a first-ever Flash-optimized distribution of Apache Spark) all of a sudden puts "web-scale" within reach of almost any-sized enterprise.”

- Reza Sadri, CEO

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