Founded in 2013 by Reza Sadri and Tony Givargis in Irvine, CA, Levyx offers a high-performance key value storage engine that enables I/O-intensive legacy and Big Data applications to operate Faster, Simpler, and Cheaper.

  • Faster  (by over 10x) than other in-memory key value stores because of its multi-core, flash-optimized, query pushdown, and patented indexing design.
  • Simpler than other architectures which make trade offs between performance and storage tiering complexity --all data is persisted by Levyx at memory speeds.
  • Cheaper, because Levyx’s substitutes Flash storage for RAM (typically 10X cheaper per GB) yet achieves equivalent or greater performance using drastically fewer distributed commodity server nodes.

Levyx is able to leverage the benefits of Flash/NVMs and introduce enterprise features such as persistence and high availability to live working sets and into environments that require ultra-low latency and microsecond response times that was once reserved for non-persistent system memory (i.e. DRAM).

Levyx’s software supports a broad number of programming integration options and is ideal for boosting analytics and operations of Internet and machine-machine applications such as cyber-security, real-time analytics, web site/content caches, e-commerce/trading, IOT, etc. Software integration is accomplished using C, C++, Java, Node.js, and REST, wrappers for Memcached, LevelDB and RocksDB.