Press Releases

January 31, 2018:

Levyx Inc. announced today that the company’s Xenon™ product, a distributed real-time analytics engine, is now Kubernetes-ready. Kubernetes is an open-source platform designed to automate deploying, scaling, and operating application containers, while Xenon is a low latency, scalable data analytics solution designed to access very large datasets spread across a tightly coupled cluster of servers, each with multi-terabyte persistent storage capabilities.  

January 19, 2018:

Levyx Inc. announced today that it has signed QuasarDB, a provider of a time series database for real-time data analysis, as an OEM customer. Levyx’s Helium™ data engine has been embedded in QuasarDB’s persisted, network-distributed, column-oriented database with time series support to help large financial institutions mine Big Data. The optimized solution can also be applied in similar use cases in the Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare, Federal, IT & Telecom, and Retail sectors.

August 31, 2017:

Levyx Inc. announced today that it has successfully run its record-breaking technology natively on a cellular phone powered by Android, a leading mobile device platform. Levyx’s Helium™ software running on Android was able to make optimal use of the cell phone’s onboard memory and process over 1 million transactions/sec.

August 22, 2017:

Levyx Inc. announced today that its RocksDB implementation (HeRocks™) improves the overall efficiency of conventional (open-source) RocksDB by up to 15X.  HeRocks solution is ideal for data center environments that run RocksDB to process extensive key-value sets (billion-plus) in real-time.

July 13, 2017:

Levyx Inc. revealed today record shattering independent testing results performed by the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC®) using the STAC-A3 benchmarking suite.  The net result was 32X the performance employing much less equipment in comparison to the baseline STAC-A3 benchmark.

November 18, 2016:

Levyx Inc. and Nissho Electronics announced their partnership today in Japan, considered a regional hotbed of early adoption of cutting-edge Big Data applications. Nissho now offers Levyx’s software solutions Helium™ and Levyx-Spark Connector™ to its Japanese customers that span a broad spectrum of use cases.

April 28, 2016:

Levyx Inc. announced today that it has closed its Series A financing round. The company is very excited to work with an excellent group of investors who share its vision of expanding big data solutions across major industries to bring high-speed data access to the masses.

February 10, 2015:

Levyx Inc. and OCZ Storage Solutions -- a Toshiba Group Company announced a technological partnership to enable real-time processing of very large datasets in distributed computing environments using a new approach that significantly reduces the number of nodes needed to process these large workloads using much fewer SSD-intensive systems.

November 19, 2014:

The company announced that it received a $100,000 credit towards Google’s Cloud Platform services. The award is part of Google’s Cloud Platform for Start-ups program that rewards progressive companies who would benefit from the added resources of Google’s cloud. Specifically, the access to Google's cloud enables Levyx to conduct critical testing and run its services and applications in a world-class cloud environment.

October 9, 2014:

Levyx claimed top honors at OC Tech Alliance’s 21st Annual Tech Innovation Awards Ceremony last night. The start-up won first prize for Innovation in the Enterprise Software category. Receiving the award was an honor and an early validation of Levyx’s technology.