World's market share leader in NAND Flash and DRAM technologies
The largest semiconductor chip maker in the world
Highly diversified business includes mobile phones, LCD panels, lithium-ion batteries, TVs, and HDDs, among other products
South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Suwon, South Korea

Partnership Summary

While Samsung has made major hardware advances to accommodate real-time, data-intensive applications, Levyx has re-engineered the software data stack to fully extract the benefits of this new hardware, making the pairing of its Helium key-value store with Samsung’s Z-SSDs a compelling, low-latency and high-performance flash-based solution.

Partnership Highlights

We are excited to partner with Samsung. Levyx has the capabilities to extract the best performance of any Flash drives in the industry. But its full potential is reached when it is paired with the top-tier of hardware. That's what this solution delivers, peak performance combining industry-leading hardware and state-of-the-art system software from Levyx.”

- Reza Sadri, CEO