Levyx Upgrades Xenon™ to Be Fully Compatible With Kubernetes

Kubernetes Integration Brings Real-Time, Persistent, Sharable Dataframes to Container-Centric Infrastructures

Levyx Caps a Banner Year with Milestone Achievements and Escalating Momentum for 2018

A complete summary of Levyx's accomplishments and signs of building momentum can be found here

Levyx Signs Fintech OEM QuasarDB to Bring Unprecedented Performance to Latency-Sensitive Applications

Levyx, Inc. and QuasarDB - Time Series at Scale, changing the landscape for real time time-series data analysis at scale.

Levyx at RocksDB event hosted by Facebook

RocksDB Meetup 12/4/17: Integrating a Flash and Multicore Optimized KV Store in RocksDB by Steffen Peter.

Combining Samsung Z-SSD and Levyx’s Helium™ Data Store

In this whitepaper, we present a high performance key-value store solution that can be used in a wide variety of latency sensitive applications tied to the rapidly expanding era of hyper-speed “big data.” By combining Levyx’s high-performance Helium™ key-value store with Samsung’s ultra-low latency Z-SSD™, we have demonstrated performance improvements of up to 10X over the conventional approaches of processing large-scale datasets.

Levyx, Inc. and Hortonworks

Levyx joins Hortonworks as an MDS ISV/IHV Partner in the Partnerworks Program.

Real-Time Persistent Computing for Big Data

Levyx, Inc.'s Bernie Wu slides from Flash Memory Summit.

FMS 2017 - Helium-on-Optane Overview

Whether your data center is on premise or in the cloud, if you are using software designed 10 years ago, back when servers had 2 cores and 8GB of RAM and were equipped with hard disks for storage, you are almost certainly wasting money, time, and energy! Levyx and Intel can help.

Real Time System Computing Engines [DataEngConf 2017]

Levyx's Steffen Peter at Data Engineering Conf. talks about computing and storage engines for the new age where response time is the main differentiator for most emerging applications.

Levyx and Intel: Real-Time Persistent Computing for Big Data - CitC Podcast Episode 88

Bernie Wu, Chief Business Development Officer at Levyx, appears on Intel's Conversations in the Cloud podcast to discuss how Levyx’s software and Intel® Optane™ technology can help usher in this new age of real-time persistent computing.

16 tech companies in Irvine to know

Levyx's software takes high-speed data processing to the masses, allowing businesses to find a competitive edge to take their companies to the next level.

Levyx, big-data-tech provider, closes $5.4 mln Series A led by OCA

The PE Hub Network (PEHN), a Community for Professionals in Private Capital, announced Levyx's recently closed Series A financing. 

Compute Engine now with 3 TB of high-speed Local SSD and 64 TB of Persistent Disk per VM

Now with over a million subscribers of tech professionals globally, the Google Cloud Platform Blog has once again featured Levyx's technology. Levyx's Siddharth Choudhuri notes in the feature that the doubled capacity of Google's local SSDs is a game changer when paired with Levyx’s Helium data store.

Multi-million operations per second on a single Google Compute Engine instance

Levyx is featured in the Google Cloud Platform Blog, an industry site that boasts over 900,000 followers consisting primarily of IT professionals. The blog provides product updates, customer stories, and tips and tricks on Google Cloud Platform. The post highlights Helium's ability to achieve multi­-million ops/sec on a single Google Compute Engine VM (commodity servers), enabling processing of data at near-memory speeds using SSDs.

OC Tech Alliance Announces Finalists for 22nd Annual High-Technology Innovation Awards

The OC Tech Alliance announced the Finalists for 22nd  Annual Tech Innovation Awards. A repeat nominee, Levyx was named a Finalist in the Enterprise Software category for the second year in a row.

WD (a Western Digital company) and Telogis, Inc. are OC Tech Alliance High-Tech Innovation Awards Companies of the Year

The OC Tech Alliance announced the winners of its Tech Innovation Awards at its 21st Anuual Awards Ceremony. Levyx claimed top honors by winning first prize for Innovation in the Enterprise Software category. Judged by the executives of Orange County’s leading high-tech companies, the OC Tech Alliance Awards are given each year to both public and private companies who display leadership and make significant technological advancements in their industries.

OC Tech Alliance Announces Finalists for 21st Annual High-Tech Innovation Awards

The OC Tech Alliance announced the Finalists for 21st Annual Tech Innovation Awards. Levyx was named a finalist in the Enterprise Software category.

Levyx CEO a finalist in OCBJ Innovator of the Year awards

The Orange County Business Journal has named Levyx's CEO and Founder Reza Sadri a Finalist for its inaugrual Innovator of the Year Awards, a recognition bestowed on the leading entrepreneurs in the area.

Storage upstart: Our flashy gear is WAY faster than slow old DRAM

The Register, a provider of independent news, views, opinions and reviews on the latest in the IT industry, published an article profiling Levyx. 

OCZ Debuts Host-Managed Enterprise SSDs

OCZ, a Toshiba flash storage subsidiary, announced that it is targeting the software-defined data center with a new line of enterprise solid-state drives (SSDs). The article references OCZ's partnership with Levyx (announced earlier this year), through which the companies seek to narrow the gap between high-prices in-memory processing systems and commodity hardware packed with SSDs.

Dell Puts Toshiba's Enterprise SAS SSDs to Work

OCZ, a Toshiba subsidiary,  and Dell announced that they have teamed to provide data centers with high-performance SAS servers. They combined Toshiba's PX04S series enterprise SSDs with Dell's PowerEdge servers to set a new performance benchmark for Dell. The article briefly mentions that Levyx and OCZ partnered in 2015 to enable high-performance big data processing on commodity hardware using SSDs.

OpenPOWER announces new developer solutions

The OpenPOWER Foundation has announced new solutions and developer tools in Europe. Levyx is a featured promoter of the new CAPI (Coherent Accelerated Processor Interface) SNAP (Storage, Networking, and Acceleration Programming) framework. Paired with CAPI SNAP, Levyx's software enables its customers to achieve rich real-time analytics and stream processing in variety of increasingly Machine-to-Machine driven use cases.

Supercharging Apache Spark with Flash and NoSQL

Apache Spark has become the defacto standard computational engine in the big data world. But as an in-memory technology, Spark has limitations. One of the ways people are getting around those limitations is by pairing Spark with superfast, Flash-based NoSQL databases, including key-value stores.

Spark has the potential to be as transformational as Linux

Dataconomy, one of the leading portals for news, events and expert opinion from the world of data driven technology, interviewed Levyx’s CEO, Reza Sadri, regarding Spark’s potential to transform the computing landscape and how Levyx has created a unique way to distribute Spark (called LevyxSpark™) that changes the way a system or a compute node’s available resources, including memory, tackles big data processing.

Big-Data Startup Levyx Raises $5.4M

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on-line edition published an article regarding Levyx's recently closed Series A financing. Along with describing the unique features of Levyx's technology, the article highlights the enormous potential impact on areas such as cybersecurity, financial applications, Internet of Things, data center management and other areas that need to process large amounts of data very quickly.